Directory of Australian collectors and collections of old computers, vintage computers, classic computers, retro computers, computer software, peripherals and related technology. 

Most of the people listed here will travel to collect your old computers and save them from being trashed. Either contact the person directly if nearby or if unsure email nw@retroComputingTasmania.com and I can put you in touch with someone who might be able to help.

To get added to the list email nw@retroComputingTasmania.com with contact details and interests.

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RetroMacCast   Global Apple/Macintosh  
Rob Storey    IBM component packaging, DEC PDP-11 Developed an IBM 7094 simulator in Delphi 
Microbee Software Preservation Project admin@microbee-mspp.org.au   Microbee and Australian microcomputers. Dedicated team of preservationists and an audience of Microbee and Oz microcomputer enthusiasts 
Regan Russell - Pymble Software  New South Wales Pymble SGI, IBM RS6K, SUN, Amiga 4000 Impressive 24-CPU Onyx, see website for details 
Australian Computer Museum Society (NSW) acms@acms.org.au New South Wales Sydney Museum, very large collection  
Andrew Roughan andrew@apple2.org New South Wales Sydney Apple  
CIO Slideshow of collection  New South Wales Sydney DEC and others Max Burnet 
Al Boyanich vk2fvax@gmail.com New South Wales Lane Cove  Collecting and running: SGI (MIPS), IBM (MVS, AS/400, AIX), Fujitsu/ICL (MSP), HP (PA-Risc), CBM (Anything), Digital (PDP-11, VAX, MIPS, Alpha), 8-bit MicroBee & homebrew (6502/Z80/80188) 
Martin Crockett crockett.martin@gmail.com South Australia Adelaide Vintage computers and consoles of all types Large collection (200+) of vintage computers, professional repair and restoration, 40 years servicing vintage computers 
Andrew Davie's Museum of Soviet Calculators  Tasmania Hobart Soviet era calculators and small computers Featured on ABC Collector's television programme 
Richard Mclennan themclennancollective@gmail.com Tasmania Launceston Commodore 64 - Amiga, Vectored - Atari 2600  
Johann's Youtube channel reachthebasement@gmail.com Tasmania Launceston   
tassiebob.com bob@tassiebob.com Tasmania Hobart microcomputers, microprocessor trainers, 8 & 16 bit systems from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s tassiebob.com 
Nigel Williams nw@retroComputingTasmania.com Tasmania  Unisys/Burroughs, INMOS Transputer, IBM mid-range, unusual systems, and small timesharing systems See under Members at left for more detail 
E SARLIJA's including Data General  Victoria Melbourne Diverse Beautiful DG Nova 3 and Eclipse S/130 
Andrew Wright neox.quasar@gmail.com Victoria Melbourne Apple Amstrad, Commodore, SGI, Sun, Kaypro and others 
Bobby Evans neo_explorer84@hotmail.com Victoria Melbourne 1980s - Apple and IBM PCs (XT, AT and clones)  
HP Computer Museum  Victoria  HP Extensive collection of Hewlett Packard computers, calculators and peripherals 
Kevin Parker trash80@internode.on.net Victoria South West Victoria  all sorts of classic computers (plus more recent type PC's for salvage or e-recycling), main interest: TRS80's and Black IBM business machines e.g. AS400's Willing to travel to pick up suitable salvage. 
JD's collection of Apple machines  Victoria Melbourne Apple/Macintosh  
Stephen Edmonds  Victoria Melbourne Various Apple TAM, TechStep, DECstation 
Malcolm Macleod malcolm@avitech.com.au Victoria Melbourne DEC and others Massive collection of DEC 
Neal W  Victoria Melbourne VAX, workstations Seeking a VT420 
thepcmuseum.com anthony@thepcmuseum.com Victoria Traralgon everything Very impressive and well organised setup,  
Dave bassman1@iinet.net.au Western Australia Perth Any and all vintage computer related things Please contact to arrange pickup or pickup vintage computer items. 
Australian Computer Museum Society (WA)  Western Australia  everything Extensive collection, started by some DEC-diehards 
Simon Fryer fryers@gmail.com Western Australia Perth Apollo Domain, DEC Alpha, SUN Microsystems and industrial control systems  
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