Burroughs B6700 image gallery

Queen's University, Ontario

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

These pictures from UNAM's computer historical website, most are captioned between 1972 and 1974. Some pictures are of the upgraded B6800 model.

UFMG - Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil CPD - Centro de Processamento de Dados, Brazil

Pictures from the Data Processing Centre (CPD - Centro de Processamento de Dados)  ) Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The CPD acquired a Burroughs B6700 in July 1972. During 1982-83 the B6700 was upgraded with double the main memory with the installation of two modules of 800 Kbytes. These memory modules were designed and built by CPD and the design was provided to Burroughs. From Google translation

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Also seeking close-up pictures of the CPU display panel - this panel often flashed a large letter "B" for Burroughs when the machine was idle [or waiting for I/O completion?]; many sites modified the MCP code so that it would display other items like a company logo or the time (see below). 

This picture (immediately above) is the front-panel display of the Burroughs B6700 located at Data Processing Centre (CPD - Centro de Processamento de Dados) Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Gelson Dias Santos kindly provided commentary
(edited for this web-page) for this picture as follows:

...my first job was as a System Operator of that machine. I worked there for almost 13 years and was also there when our beloved B6700 was finally decommissioned.

I want to comment on this picture, the one showing the front panel. As you can see, it is displaying "14:29" instead of the expected "B". This is because UFRGS engineers modified the original MCP code by replacing the static B with a subroutine that displayed the system internal clock. That was WAY more useful, since the front panel was facing a big glass wall and anyone at the building lobby was able to see it. Remember, this was in a time where digital clocks were not that common."

Burroughs WHQ in Detroit, USA

dual CPU B6700

"jim s: I believe this was the demo system at Burroughs WHQ in Detroit". Paul Kimpel explains that these two pictures show a Burroughs failsoft system:

" ...a system configured for redundancy. I think these were called "FailSoft" models, where there was no single point of failure (like a single MDL) plus the facilities to easily partition failed components. I also think the later versions of these models allowed a system to be electrically split and run as two independent systems. The B7700 was designed that way from the beginning (given its D825 engineering heritage), but some retrofit was required to accomplish that with a B6700." - PK email correspondence.

B6700 CPU MCP idle display light pattern showing the letter B

Zoomed in it is possible to see the "B" CPU idle pattern the B6700 MCP display by loading a specific bit pattern into the top-of-stack registers.

Burroughs FailSoft models

ComputerWorld Nov-1972 Burroughs B6700 FailSoft

University of Tasmania B6700, Tasmania, Australia