iLLiac IV supercomputer

The University of Illinois was involved in a line of performance orientated computers known as ILLIACs (Illinois Automatic Computer), with the Illiac IV the best known and likely most controversial computer of its time. We will use the shorthand IAC4 to denote the Illiac IV.

searching for Illiac IV software, photos and stories

searching for Illiac IV software, photos and stories

We are seeking software, photos and stories of the Illiac IV to support our project to build an emulator for this computer. Software can be in any format.

Located so far

Bob Rogallo kindly found and scanned a copy of the CFD manual

Other Illiac IV software we would like to find

SSK - simulator for the Illiac IV on the Burroughs B5500, B6500 and later B6700
ASK - a cross-assembler for the Illiac IV that ran on the Burroughs B6700. Output from some of the compilers was processed by ASK into machine code to load onto the PEs

CFD - a FORTRAN like language targeted at CFD
Glypnir - ALGOL like language, likely not used at Ames
VECTORAL - vector processing language used at Ames

The Illiac IV, the first "Internet" connected supercomputer.
The Illiac IV was host 15 on the ARPAnet (1973 ARPAnet map showing Illiac IV), and most users were connecting from Host 16 to submit jobs to the Illiac IV. There were even users from the Imperial College of London connecting to Illiac IV via ARPAnet.

Illiac IV supercomputer

The Illiac-IV lecture - history and perspectives

Transcript of the video (Transcript is work in progress - still incomplete):

Transcript - The Legacy of Illiac IV Computer History Museum