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About me (Nigel Williams)

Most of my time has been in Tasmania, with brief stints in Sydney (NSW) and the USA.

For chatting about retrocomputing interests I use cctalk, IRC #classiccmp, #VC, VintageCF, and sub-groups (NeXT, 68KMLA, AppleFritter, etc).


A list of vintage artifacts that I am hoping to find, buy or trade, or simply know (words, pictures or links):
  1. Anything related to Unisys systems.
  2. INMOS Transputer
  3. Burroughs Corporation - anything related (main interests: B5000 series, B6700 series, and the Illiac IV supercomputer).
  4. IBM midrange systems (System /3X, AS/400 and iSeries)
  5. Intel iAPX 432 - anything related to this Intel 32-bit microprocessor
  6. DEC digital Digital Equipment Corporation - Anything related such as PDP-8, PDP-11, VAX, Alpha, display terminals (VT52, VT100), documentation, "swag" etc.
  7. Data General AViiOn
  8. Apple /// (aka Apple 3)
  9. Unusual microprocessor based systems (from Motorola M8120, Olivetti M20, Omron Luna-88K)
  10. Old database software (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, RDB, Informix, dBase, Sybase, Ingres)
  11. Old programming language compilers and development tools (ALGOL, Simula, Pascal, Ada, Modula-2, Lisp, FORTRAN)
  12. Tandy TRS-80 Color (Colour) Computer (CoCo 3)


  1. Very slowly moving the various Burroughs simulator sub-projects along.
  2. Assisting others with the discovery of Elliott 503 information.
  3. Chasing hardware (see Seeking above) and software: old programming language compilers, old operating systems, software curiosities such as interesting applications implemented in unusual languages, for example Chess program written in ALGOL-W.
  4. Resurrecting some old machines.
  5. Updating this website.